F  O  U  N  D  A  T  I  O  N

The Morlon Greenwood Foundation, founded by former NFL player Morlon Greenwood in 2015, provides programming for students residing in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. This programming is designed to be creative, community-based, and of high quality, and focuses on academic, athletic, and intellectual skills for those children in the community that take part. This model is developed by partnering with elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as other similarly designed community organizations, throughout these disadvantaged communities in order to meet the unique needs of these students both inside and outside of the programs within Las Vegas Valley and across the United States. The goal of these programs is to develop leadership and mentoring programs to give the children who participate, a guide that allows them to become upstanding members of their communities.

Specifically, the foundation offers FREE athletic camps to the youth within these communities. These camps hone in on abilities such as sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, and respect for diversity, which are all skills that once learned, can be applied on the community level to develop good citizenship habits, therefore giving these children a guideline to becoming respectable members of their neighborhood and becoming role models for other children around them. Overall, young community members who participate in the camps are left with the skills to better themselves, as well as the knowledge of accessible mentors who have the ability to assist them in the future with issues facing both themselves and their community as a whole.

The Morlon Greenwood Foundation aka MG52 mission is to “Raise up youth to become successful socially responsible citizens through mentorship imparted

to encourage the realization of their full potential while respecting diversity within the community” “BELIEVE IT AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT”. In an effort

to help our youth reach their full potential, MG52 has put together the ideal combination of philanthropic, wellness, health, and educational organizations to provide the wrap-around services needed to accomplish our mission. These organization will be housed in the MG52 OLYMPIC COMPLEX, endorsed by the NFL Alumni Las Vegas Chapter will be a full service multi-sports complex and full wrap-around services for the youth. It will be a safe, supportive, indoor, and outdoor facility dedicated to building the confidence, character, and athletic capabilities of our community young people, through recreational and competitive athletic programming. MG52 OLYMPIC COMPLEX will be enhanced by educational, leadership and mentorship program that address the mental, physical, social and spiritual health of today’s youth.

MG52 OLYMPIC COMPLEX will remain consistently focused on accomplishing its mission of inspiring today’s youth towards reaching their full potential. We will work hard to build our facility to match the needs and to enhance the lives of the average family within the Las Vegas community and across the United States.,with Salt Lake City being one of our potential next stops.